Our company is a wholeseller of Building Technology Systems.

Our services are in detail:

The basic design of Systems:

The most important facts before Contract and Budget award is the design of technical building services which are applicable to be installed in the project. It includes the best technical, economical, environmental and energy solution. Even on existing design layouts we are always checking the best practical solution and compatibility of the systems.

Our aims are to find the most economical solution and remain in harmony with the environment to guarantee the most sustainable system according to your requirements.

Air conditioning:

Not only because of comfort in room conditions such as temperature and humidity but also in relation to the outdoor environmental conditions it is always important to select the best and suitable Equipment for the performance.


It comprises systems for offices, meeting rooms, washrooms, living rooms or factory halls.

A functionally ventilation system is the basis for a comfortable room environment. The central ventilation system is also a good start for the incorporation of an air conditioning system.

Building Automation Control System:

Automatik Control System

In order to control the equipment and hardware components who are responsible for a comfortable environment in the building it requires a good and reliable control system which records all operating parameters and faults. We are able of programming these control functions in our company. We are therefore since many years a Siemen solution partner.


All our installations and commissioning work are done by our company, national and even worldwide. That means in majority with local staff and European Technician who is responsible on site and has the respective capability of know how to install the systems and prepare it for the stat up.


A technical building system is always reliable if 100 % function is always existing.

In order to achieve this it is important to make the required preventive maintenance and service works.

It includes optimizing the operating conditions and analyzing faults and making the corrections.

Besides maintenance offers we are also providing operating and maintenance hand books and a proposal for the maintenance check lists

All services in our hands!

That is our target and our aim in order to minimize the interface of various trades and systems and excessive coordination works.

The following trades are offered within our partner companies

  • Cooling / Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Sprinkler / Fire Protection
  • Ceiling Panel Heaters
  • Electrical works
  • Deckenstrahlplatten
  • Installation and maintenance